AGIR TECHNOLOGIES has become world leader in metal forming tools
And machining machines for tungsten carbide dies.


Pierre FERRET, worker in the company MILAN, polishes the first diamond drawing die in the world.


He settles his owns company and manufactures drawing dies in sapphire, ruby and diamond : Les Ateliers FERRET, the origin of the company AGIR TECHNOLOGIES.

1929 > 1936

Pierre FERRET, the son, continues the family company, produces the first tungsten carbide drawing die in the world and manufactures then the first tungsten carbide tool for metal forming.
Stop producing diamond, ruby and sapphire dies due to the profitability of tungsten carbide dies.
Creation of the company MOUTON by Paul and Maurice MOUTON.


The company decides to produce its first machines to repair drawing dies.


The company PIVOT manufactures its first grinding machines; it will be taken over by the company MOUTON in 1975.


Beginning of international business development.


RIVOM becomes the European leader in tools for metal forming.

1990 > 2007

Creation of the AGIR TECHNOLOGIES group, integrating the companies RIVOM and MOUTON, then the company GMA, manufacturer of metal conveyor belts.

2015 : 150 years of existence!

AGIR TECHNOLOGIES integrates an international industrial group